I'm a wife to the sweetest, most supportive man alive. Truly. And a mama to three wild, amazing kids. I've lived in Billings most of my life, and if I wasn't living my dream as a photographer- I'd be a nurse.
I'm a lover of Jesus, and am in constant awe of His continuous grace and love.
Most days you can find me home with my kids and hubby. I'm a homebody, but also love a good road trip to the Kluver ranch and to my in laws in Seeley Lake, Montana. Oh and Target...duh.
I also enjoy iced americanos, and lots of them. 



"be my house, strong and study far from town oh, be my home think of all the places we'll go."

My favorite things are in the pictures to the right, my family. 
That blonde haired husband of mine is extremely supportive and is my biggest fan. He pushes me in every way, and I'm extremely blessed he chose me to be his wife 8 years ago.
Those three cutie kiddos are the best. Plain and simple. They are wild, loving, athletic, sensitive, and much more cooler than I ever was a kid. Being a mom and a wife are hands down my life's greatest joy.
That's why I'm so blessed that you hire me- to capture the people you love, it's not a job I take lightly.
It's a joy, and I am so blessed.